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Archemin present at BCF Career Event 16 November 2017

posted on May 24th 2017 by Ludwig Everaert
Are you orientating on the next steps in your career? Meet Archemin during the BCF Career Event on 16 November, 2017 in Gent ICC for Bio/Life Sciences, Chemistry, Food and Pharma. With more than 1200 visitors and over 60 participating organisations, it is the largest career fair in these categories in Belgium.

“Sunshine Act”

posted on January 01st 2017 by Ludwig Everaert
The law of 18 December 2016 published in the Belgian State Gazette of the 27th of December concerns the upcoming implementation of a “Sunshine Act” in Belgian legislation.

FAMHP & EMA initiatives to support innovative drug development

posted on October 22nd 2016 by Ludwig Everaert
On December 1st 2016, the Belgian Federal Agency for Medicines and Healthcare Products organizes a workshop regarding initiatives to support the development of innovative healthcare products. This is exactly the domain wherein Archemin is particularly active.

BCF Career Event on 23 November 2016

posted on June 06th 2016 by Ludwig Everaert
Archemin will take part, under the umbrella of BeCRO, in the BCF Career Event. The BCF Career Event is a large career event for Bio/Life Sciences, Chemistry, Food & Pharma. In the Netherlands BCF Career Event has been very successful for more than 10 years, with about 2.000 visitors each year.

Local Pharmacovigilance Contact Person

posted on May 12th 2016 by Ludwig Everaert
Archemin has become a main pharmacovigilance service provider for the BeNeLux countries (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg).

Africa Health

posted on April 21st 2016 by Ludwig Everaert
Meet the Archemin delegates during the Afica Health conference, Johannesburg South Africa 8-10 June 2016 (Hall 2 stand 2G30).  

Pact bewteen Patient and Pharmaceutical industry (Belgium)

posted on January 17th 2016 by Ludwig Everaert
Promoting the use of biosimilars.

Belgian Policy Document Social Affairs and Healthcare

posted on November 17th 2015 by Ludwig Everaert
On 12 November 2015, the policy document on Social Affairs and Healthcare was presented by Minster Maggie De Block to the Belgian Chamber of Representatives. This policy document clarifies various issues that are relevant for the Pharmaceutical and Associated Industries.

Meet us at CPhI Madrid 2015

posted on September 30th 2015 by Ludwig Everaert
Archemin will attend the CPhI Worldwide in Madrid. This world's leading pharmaceutical networking event will be an excellent occasion to meet our delegates.

Price freeze for Medicinal Products in Belgium

posted on July 20th 2015 by Melissa Penninck
On 17 July 2015, the Belgian Ministerial Council decided to continue the price freeze for Medicinal Products. The decision has been taken to limit the healthcare expenditures. The prices for Medicinal Products are frozen since 2009; deviations are only possible if there is adequate justification.