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10th Anniversary of the Commission for the Reimbursement of Medicines (Belgium)

Wed, 12/10/2011 - 4:39pm -- Inneke Van de Vijver

The Belgian Commission for the Reimbursement of Medicines (CRM) celebrated its 10th anniversary. During their symposium, called “CRM 2.0”, representatives of the Authorities, Health Care sector and Pharmaceutical Industry discussed the past, the present and the future of reimbursement of pharmaceuticals in Belgium.

The last decade, procedures have become more efficient and more transparent. Communication is now much better than it ever was before. However, there is still room for improvement. Especially for innovative, new molecules, an effort should be done.

Would it be possible to have a reimbursement based on pathology and total treatment, instead of reimbursement exclusively focused on pharmaceutical consumption? Can reimbursement be targeted to personalised medicine? Considering trend towards increasing complexity of medical care would it not be better to involve more external experts in the decision making processes? What is the future role of patient organisations? Would it be possible to obtain early reimbursement for innovative products if medical needs are high? How about the reimbursement of some non-registered medicines?… are only few of the questions the next government will have to deal with.

Meanwhile - and in these times of budgetary restrictions – the Pharmaceutical Industry needs to show new creativity in setting out market access strategies. Expert advice and assistance will be required to face the challenge to construct reimbursement applications based on strong scientific evidence which is supported by well defined budget impact analyses. In order to maximise the chances of success, the Market Access Specialist has an essential role in presenting reimbursement applications as attractively as possible.