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Publication of confidential information by the NIHDI

Thu, 19/07/2012 - 4:09pm -- Inneke Van de Vijver

A "gentleman's agreement" on the publication of price-volume contracts (article 81 of the Royal Decree of 21-12-2001) between the NIHDI and  the pharmaceutical industry was elaborated after mutual consultation.

The Institute will not publish confidential information from the applicant, neither data from which such confidential information can be derived, on the website.

Information can be regarded as confidential if the applicant has designated this as confidential during the negotiation and / or closure phase of the agreement. 

The NIHDI considers information to be regarded as confidential:

  • trade secrets (i.e. confidential data regarding the commercial activities of the applicant, of which the disclosure would damage the applicant)
  • data other than trade secrets but of which the publication could nevertheless considerably damage the applicant such as specific information concerning modalities to compensate financial/budgetary risks (predicted budgets, amounts to refund and percentages, ... )


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