Promotional activities for Medicinal Products

Publicity for Medicines and Information Regarding the Proper Use of Medicinal Products.

Information session focus on the following key points:

This training is intended for those who are organising promotional activities and developing materials for medicinal products to support marketing campaigns for the general public or for healthcare professionals. Medical sales representatives and any other person involved in marketing activities for medicilal products may benefit from this training.

Legal basis: Directive 2001/83/EC title VIII “Advertising”, VIIIa “Information and Advertising”

  • Promotion of Medicinal Products in general
  • Medicines promotion for the General Public
  • Medicines promotion for Healthcare Professionals
  • Rresponsibilities for Medical Sales Representatives
  • Restrictions regarding Premiums and Benefits for Healthcar Professionals
  • The Transparency Register
  • Distribution of Free Medical Samples - does and don'ts
  • the Responsible Person for Information and Publicity (RIP)
  • Basic training for Sales Representatives
  • Introduction to pharmacovigilance for employees new to the medical department
  • Developing and Managing a Compliant Pharmacovigilance System
  • The do's and dont's in the promotion of medicines and health care products for Marketing Experts and Sales Representatives
  • Training the Qualified Person for Medical Information
  • Standard Operating Procedures for the Qualified Person for Medical Information