Market Access through strategic Pricing and Reimbursement

Price and Reimbursement applications in the BeNeLux countries

Archemin provides fast access to expert information, offers guidance and creative thinking on the ideal market access strategy.

Through close contacts with the different stakeholders involved in the Pricing & Reimbursement process and by compiling high quality applications, our team generates the most favorable attitude towards pharmaceuticals and medical devices commercialized in BeNeLux countries.

We integrate health economic data and arguments in order to prove the cost impact of innovative treatments thereby supporting reimbursement.

Some examples of our Market Access services are listed below, but… you name it, we write it!

Price applications

  • Compilation of price and reimbursement applications
    • Class I & Orphan Drugs: added value in comparison to existing alternatives has been proven by means of a pharmaco-economic model → premium price is possible
    • Class II: no demonstrated added value → price equivalent to existing alternatives
    • Class III: generics → lower price
  • Price negociations on a National level
  • Advice on possible defenses against government-imposed price cuts

Reimbursement applications

  • Scientific and regulatory advice on the "best possible strategy"
  • Revision and adaptation of cost-effectiveness models to the local market
  • Dossier compilation, submission and follow up of the applications
  • Modification of reimbursement modalities for reimbursed products
  • Individual revisions of reimbursement modalities of class I medicines
  • Support in the negotiation of Price - Volume contracts: substantiating "value based" pricing arguments by means of the collection of "real-life" data during Post-Approval Efficacy Studies  (also see Clinical Research)

Our track record of successfull reimbursement applications

  • Class I applications
  • Orphan drug applications
  • Modification of reimbursement conditions for Class I medicines
  • Individual revisions
  • Price-volume contracts
  • Numerous Class II and III applications

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